It’s time to declare your energy independence.

Just think of a Greenheart Solar photovoltaics (PV) system as a small personal power plant right on your rooftop. Briefly, here’s how it works:

PV systems create electricity from sunlight. PV is not a solar water heater or a pool heating system, but rather a solar panel array that can provide electricity for your entire home or business.

One very cost-effective PV solution is the Grid-Tie system (illustrated here), where electricity from sunlight reduces the demand for energy from the electric company.

Depending on time of day, sunlight intensity and energy use, the system will satisfy some or all of your energy needs, with excess clean energy flowing out to the utility grid to supply other customers. Exported excess energy can be drawn back later from the utility grid, free of charge in areas where Net Metering applies. Want a few more details on how solar PV power works? Click here.

The reasons to go solar keep adding up.

Generating your own electricity with photovoltaics is a giant step toward freeing yourself from the grip of high energy rates. Once your system is up and running, you’ll see immediate results with lower electric bills. As the electric companies make double-digit rate hikes, you can take control of your energy future.

In addition to the immediate paybacks of installing clean green solar, you’ll gain the long-term satisfaction of knowing it’s the right thing to do. Unlike electricity generated from coal and gas, solar energy doesn’t create the pollution and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. So everyone who makes the smart choice to go solar helps to preserve the future of the earth for our children and grandchildren.

All the incentives you need.

If you need even more incentive to go solar, consider the the Federal tax credits and local programs available.


Local Florida incentives

Federal tax credit