POWERED BY SOLAR––In use since 2007, this 2.4 KW system has reduced the owner’s monthly electric bills by up to 55%. Click here to learn more about some of our client installations.

Re-energize your home with Greenheart Solar.

Many homeowners want to take power back into their own hands. If you’re among them, the time is right to consider a photovoltaic (solar electricity) system from Greenheart Solar. When you go solar you’ll join millions worldwide who rely on solar to reduce their electric bill and conserve our natural resources.

Residential systems, especially Grid-Tie systems, provide reliable power to families throughout the U.S. Utility companies allow homeowners to connect to the electric grid and will credit you for any extra power that flows back to the grid. In other words, you can actually make the electric meter spin backwards! What’s more, you may be eligible for local incentives and a 30% Federal tax credit. Click here for more information on incentives and tax credits.

Since every home is unique, Greenheart Solar can visit and assess your location to help you define the best solar array system to meet your goals. It pays to carefully choose the most appropriate system, and to design it for maximum output and long life expectancy. Greenheart can choose, customize or design the solar electricity solution that will best fulfill your needs. Our team will also supply, install and service the system, as well as take care of all permitting and inspection.

Greenheart Solar carries a number of nationally known brands to choose from, such as Sanyo and Sharp. Click on The Greenheart Difference to learn more about us.

Have questions? Please call. Or take a look at the wealth of information we provide on Residential Systems in our FAQs––click here to learn more.