Bringing solar to the nation, one rooftop at a time.

At Greenheart Solar we’re professionals on a mission. Our mission is to help each customer tap into the infinite energy of the sun. To achieve this, we custom design each solar electricity system to meet individual needs and desires for sustainable energy production and savings. We offer a number of nationally and internationally recognized brands, including the following:

Our solar rooftop array solutions include:

When considering a PV system, keep in mind that solar panels have no moving parts, don’t require much maintenance and manufacturer’s warranties of 20- to 25-years are standard.

Customized and energized for the future.

At Greenheart, our expert staff is experienced in engineering design, building construction and solar installation. Working together with our clients we can design an optimal system, based on your budget, the position of your roof in relation to the sun and your electric generation goals. Most often, your finished system will feature rooftop photovoltaic panels on your home or business. However, we can also design solar arrays for your covered boat dock, lanai roof, awnings, parking shelter or other structure. With solar, the sky is the limit.

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