Introducing Power Shade Structures from Greenheart Solar

Now you can make a powerful green statement without saying a word. Our Power Shade Structures not only generate solar electricity to help power your business, they enhance your image and the aesthetics of your surroundings. Each Power Shade Structure provides a strong, safe foundation to support four or more solar photovoltaic panels that safely and silently generate renewable energy. At the same time your staff, customers and clients can enjoy a shady space to relax on a bench or at a table for lunch breaks, brainstorming and casual meetings. Or enjoy shaded parking spaces, perhaps reserved to reward employee achievement or community involvement. When it comes to solar energy, the power of possibility is endless.

Commercial photovoltaic shade structure with semi-transparent panels.

We create custom designs for building entrances, breezeways, lunch or coffee break areas, shaded parking and more.

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Commercial photovoltaic shade structure.

Choose a standard power pergola design and customize, or start from the ground up.

© 2011 Greenheart Solar LLC

A Powerfully Cost Effective Investment

  • Your business or corporation is eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit on the photovoltaic system - Click here to learn more
  • Power utilities and local government agencies provide various incentive programs throughout Florida–-to see what’s currently available, simply click here to see the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE™)
  • Your company can depreciate the cost of a Power Shade Structure over five years as a capital expense
  • Solar PV pays for itself over time through money saved on electric bills and continues to save––and even generate––money for years to come
  • Leasing property? No problem––our shade structure can be disassembled and moved if needed––or sell it to the property owner as a green advantage for attracting future tenants

The Many Benefits of Our Power Shade Structures

  • Reliably harvests solar energy even when adequate roof space is not available to mount traditional photovoltaic panels
  • Engineered to meet Florida’s high wind load requirements
  • Top quality welded aluminum construction is weatherproof, durable and low maintenance—unlike wood it won’t rot, warp or be prone to insect damage
  • Our solar PV panels from major manufacturers have a 20-25 year warranty––and with no moving parts, panels require little maintenance

Customized to Your Architectural Standards

  • Choose the number of panels you desire to fit your outdoor space
  • Select from an array of column styles, design elements, finishes and colors
  • Finish out your shade structure with our optional concrete or paver surface, or we’ll install on an existing surface
  • Work with a Greenheart specialist to design a unique custom shade structure that enhances the architecture of your building or landscape
  • Provide a powerful grand entrance to your building with a custom design––we’ll work with your preferred architectural firm or present original designs based on your specifications